Buddy Program

For all of our new Prep children we have a buddy program so that they can get to know the school and some of the other children quickly to help them settle into school life. During the transition program held in the year before Preps start school, each child will be connected to another child in readiness for forming a relationship with them in their first year of school.

The buddies work together on different activities each week, they help them get to know the grounds and play with them on occasions.  You will see photos of the program in action when you come to visit the school.

Additional Assistance

We believe that every child can succeed and that means that some children require additional time and support to achieve their best. 

All teachers work with small needs based groups in their classes to differentiate the curriculum and better meet the needs of individual students.

Extra Curricula

As well as the core curriculum, Moorabbin Primary School offers a range of extra-curricular programs and lunch-time clubs.

After school hours a number of organisations use the school facilities to run programs for Primary aged children.  These include Art on Mondays, Drama on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Karate on Mondays.

In addition, there are some lunch-time activities that run for different ages of children.  They include a garden club, coding club, colouring club art club, school choir and chess along with a variety of sporting activities and training at different times of the year.

Supporting new Students – transition

Moorabbin Primary School has an extensive transition program for students new to the school each year.

Starting in the year prior to the children’s start, there is a program for incoming Preps as well as one for students new to other levels of the school.

The Prep Transition Program begins early in the year to include a series of scheduled tours which can accommodate both children and parents.  Both group and individual tours are held on a regular basis. 

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We hold an information evening in May for Prospective parents so that they can get to know what the school offers.

Starting October of each year, we schedule a number of sessions that our incoming Preps attend. They include having time with each specialist teacher, spending several sessions in the Prep classes and finally working in the group they will be in for the coming year.

For all children across the school our transition program is called ‘Up Days’.  This is where all children across the school spend some time going ‘up’ to the next year level and getting used to a new learning space and a new teacher.  We believe that all children should be as settled as possible and this time is crucial to having a calm start to each New Year.