Kids Matter

KidsMatter Primary is an Australian mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative that aims to improve the mental health of primary school age children. It involves the people and organisations who significantly influence children’s lives – parents, families, carers, schools, teachers, health agencies and community groups - in making a positive difference to children’s mental health and wellbeing during this important developmental period. KidsMatter Primary provides supporting resources and a framework for schools to address children’s mental health and wellbeing.

KidsMatter Primary has identified four areas (components) where schools can help to strengthen their students’ mental health and wellbeing. These make up the core content of KidsMatter Primary. Dividing KidsMatter Primary into the four components is a way of making the task of improving students’ mental health and wellbeing in schools more manageable. The four components are:

• A positive school community.
• Social and emotional learning (SEL) for students.
• Parenting support and education.
• Early intervention for students experiencing mental health difficulties

KidsMatter Website

The KidsMatter website is a great resource - please take the time to visit!

KidsMatter Parent Information Sheets

A host of great parent information sheets addressing a range of wellbeing issues including; anxiety, anger, friendship issues, managing conflict, separated families, establishing school routines and effective discipline, are available for your viewing which can be found on the Information Sheets page of the KidsMatter website.