Moorabbin Primary School has benefitted from significant upgrades to our facilities during the past few years.

We have a wonderful modern Learning Centre for our Prep - Two students. This centre has multi-purpose areas which include a vibrant Library which is fast becoming the hub of the school for research and reading fun.  The building also houses our additional assistance rooms.

We have a dedicated Senior Learning Centre located in the main building of the school with contemporary spaces designed for learning in large or small groups and using various types of technology.  It is furnished in bright colours with furniture designed to meet the needs of students learning in the 21st century.

Our year threes and fours are each located in spaces of their own which allow them to work together when required or work in separate classes as well. Again these spaces are well networked to have access to the latest technology.

The entire school is networked with wi-fi so that students can work using technology outside if so desired while still having access to core curriculum needs.

Our grounds are well kept and include a large grassed area at the front of the school which can be watered by an equally large storage tank of water.

The rear grassed areas have been freshly upgraded and are a pleasure to use.  Both mature trees as well as newly planted ones surround our school.

The school also boasts a range of play equipment and a large sandpit which is there for the use of all students.

We have a hall which is used for any manner of things from Dance to Drama and Physical Education and assemblies.  In addition, there is a Music room, Art room and a language room where Mandarin is taught. 

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