School Values

Moorabbin Primary School has a core purpose to nurture and develop the relationships between students, staff, parents, and the wider community.  We foster the education and wellbeing of all through the provision of a safe, challenging, supportive and dynamic learning environment where all children are challenged to excel.  Our vision is that: “We are learners for life, leading the way, who make the most of everyday” AND THAT Moorabbin Primary School is “The Place to Excel”. The Moorabbin School Values are Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive and Capable. These values incorporate what we stand for here at Moorabbin Primary school and they underpin everything that we do. Terrific is the acronym that our children will use as they refer to the values. Moorabbin kids are TERRIFIC kids!  

The Terrific Kids character traits fall within the positive values of the Developmental Assets. As a student participating in the Terrific Kids program, it’s a good idea to practice using the Terrific Kids character traits at school and at home. This is part of being a Terrific Kid. The students and teachers will use these in the classroom, in the yard and they will form the basis of how we reward and award student behaviour at school.

We strive for all members of our community to be:

Thoughtful: To consider the needs of others.

Enthusiastic: To be keen, eager and interested.

Respectful: To be polite and to care for self, others and our environment.

Responsible: To make good choices and accept the consequences of poor choices.

Inclusive: To respect the ideas and feelings of others.

Friendly: To be welcoming and kind to others.

Inquisitive: To wonder about the world.

Capable: To have-a-go and do your best.