To access Compass via your web browser on a desktop computer or mobile device: 
Go to https://moorabbin-vic.compass.education

The Parent Portal allows parents to: 

  • Access a daily News Feed

  • Report full-day absences

  • View Semester Reports

  • Monitor Attendance

Please be assured that Compass uses technology that is encrypted and secure.

Compass is accessible on any modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) via a desktop computer or mobile device. iOS and Android apps are also available (search for Compass School Manager in the App Store). Some of the features of Compass are only available in the ‘browser’ version. If however you tap on the menu icon in the app, there is an option to ‘Open in Browser’.

To access Compass via the App:
Download the ‘Compass School Manager’ app and follow the prompts.

Download via iOS

Download via Google Play

User Guide - click to download

Reporting Absences

Only full day absences and extended absences, ie holiday, unwell can be reported on Compass.

If you receive an email or an alert at the top of your News Feed regarding an ‘unexplained absence’, it means that your child has been marked ‘Not Present’ but a reason for the absence has not been provided in Compass. It is a Department of Education and Training (DET) requirement that we have a reason for EVERY day a student is absent. 
To enter an approval note for an ‘unexplained absence’:

  • Click on the attendance alert at the top of your News Feed (browser version of Compass only).

  • Select the ‘unexplained absence’ you wish to approve and then click on the ‘Explain with Note/Approval’ button (above ‘Activity Name’).

  • Enter the reason for the absence and click on ‘Save’.

Parents cannot edit or delete approvals once they have been entered into Compass – please contact the school Office if an approval note has been entered in error.

How do I report lateness/leave during school hours?

Lateness and leave during school hours are reported via the Office when you sign your child in and out (NOT via the Compass Parent Portal).

Semester Reports

Click on ‘View Academic Reports’ from the homepage (browser version) or tap on your child’s photo in the app, select the ‘Reports’ tab and then the report you wish to view/download.

Via your BROWSER (on your desktop computer or mobile device):

  • Click on ‘View Academic Reports’ (from the homepage).

  • Click on the appropriate Report and then ‘OK’ and wait for it to appear (this may take a minute or so).

  • Click on ‘open’ (or ‘save’) and then print as per any PDF.

Via the Compass APP:

  • Tap on your child’s photo and select the ‘Reports’ tab.

  • Tap on the appropriate Report and wait for it to appear (this may take a minute or so).

  • Tap on the ‘send to’ icon and select ‘Print’ or ‘iCloud Drive’ etc.

How do I gain access to the Compass Login details for my child/ren?

Login details have been distributed to existing MPS families. If you have not received your Login Details, please email: moorabbin.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au and a copy of the letter will be re-issued.

Login details will be issued to new families once they have started at Moorabbin PS.