Big Green Schools Conference September 2018

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Moorabbin Primary Schools sustainability journey


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Sustainability Wins
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Fauna Discovery
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Moorabbin Primary School recognises the importance of becoming a sustainable School for the benefit of the planet’s environmental health. Our goal is to manage resources efficiently and integrate sustainable practices by educating and motivating the whole School community to live more sustainably. 

This year the school is embarking on becoming a “Five Star Sustainable” School and is currently working towards achieving its accreditation for becoming a“Resource Smart” School.

Our Fabulous Environment

Moorabbin Primary School has a long history of being part of the market garden community during the early 20th century. The school was built in 1873 and teaching children about sustainability in one form or another has been a priority across the years. The School has energy conservation and recycling programs designed to teach children the importance of sustainability. In addition, children learn the concepts which underpin sustainability in practical settings, understanding how plants grow and the impact of conservation in the local environment. Children undertake practical activities such as tree planting in conjunction with the National tree planting initiatives on offer and as part of our Year 6 graduation ceremony.

Sustainability Programs

Students are encouraged to be involved daily, weekly and annually in the Sustainability program at Moorabbin Primary School.

Daily sustainability activities include:

- Taking responsibility for conserving energy and our environment through being monitors for lights, power and water usage.
- Emptying "saved" water from their drinking taps.
- Encouraging students, grades and families to bring wrapper-free lunches through our "Nude Food" program.
- Collecting food scraps for composting and for our chickens.
- aintaining the chicken area through collecting and selling eggs each day.

Weekly sustainability activities include:

- Maintaining and feeding the worm farm and the chickens.
- Participating in the schools gardening program through the planting and cultivating experience.
- Relating sustainability to our integrated curriculum.
- Engaging with community members to learn "best practice" for growing plants or seed cultivation.

Additional sustainability activities include:

- Involvement in the “I see I care” program
- Participating in the schools Green conference as part of the Kingston council network
- Involvement in "Planet Ark" Tree Planting Day.
- Involvement in "Clean out closet” recycling fundraiser.

Sustainability Goals

Moorabbin Primary School has a serious commitment to our School and community environment, as well as maintaining a sustainable future. This commitment is demonstrated through the goals of our Sustainable Schools Program. These goals include:

- Providing a Sustainable Schools Program that demonstrates, practises and encourages conservation strategies.
- Providing a range of experiences that develop our students' knowledge and skills of sustaining the environment.
- Continuing to develop a school environment that demonstrates sustainable practices.
- Maintaining and continuing to develop community partnerships that assist student learning in Sustainability programs.
- Continue the development of sustainability throughout our School curriculum.
- Continue the development and encouragement of parent participation in our Sustainability programs.

Greens School Conference 9th September 2015

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Greens Conference Presentation